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Buying security alarms can sometimes be confusing. If you find out that there are different types in the market you will likely feel frustrated for not knowing which one is the most suited for your security alarms needs.

Manufacturers of security systems these days are integrating different features that can be overwhelming to the buyers. But before you finally get confused it is best to know that there are only three basic types of security alarms system that you need to know basically.

Security alarms with a monitored system

This type of security alarms is widely used today. The system is connected to a central system that will contact the police once the alarm is triggered.The system connects to the outdoor phone line, however and there is the risk that the burglar might get hold of the line and disconnect it. But modern monitored system these days are now using cellular phones as an alternative.

Security alarms with unmonitored system

The system will set off a loud sound that both inside and outside the house when the alarm is triggered. You will not be paying for a monitoring fee. This type of alarm will drive a burglar away will alert you and your neighbor to call the police.

Wireless security alarms

You can easily purchase this type of alarm system from hardware stores and you can self install the system. It is less costly and you can opt to customize the features you want for a security system such as adding sensors, cameras and motion detectors.

Hold Up Panic
Natural Gas Detection
Low Temperature
Card Access
Closed Circuit TV
24 Hour Central Station Monitoring
Cellular Radio Monitoring

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Business Security System

Business Security Systems in Plaistow, NH

Your business whether it is small or big requires protection against criminals and untoward incidents. A reliable security system is among the priorities of businesses today considering that the threat and risks comes from outside and within their business premises.

Business alarms provide business owners the ability to deter burglary and theft from strangers and their employee alike. Most security companies providing security systems services will conduct a risk assessment according to the nature of your business, the property condition and the number of your employees to monitor.

Business alarms are usually used to provide security measures against potential theft and criminal activities that may be happening inside and outside the commercial property. But aside from this type of security measure, business alarms can also provide additional protection on smoke detection and fire alarms.

Security systems provide business owners the solution of monitoring their property and employees’ activities. They can conduct video surveillance anytime of the day and can adjust the security settings of their alarm system. Security systems are very helpful from detecting burglars and deterring theft from their business property and in providing business owners access control over their security system which can be tampered by insiders.

Employees are also forced to improve their productivity at work since their activities can be conveniently monitored by the security cameras. Video cameras installed within the business premises is very helpful in getting some answers in case of untoward incidents that may happen and even provide answers on things that might not be answered if no witnesses are around.

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